Many Small Business owners find themselves trying to be all things to all people. The smaller the company, the more hats you wear. So it’s easy to get sidetracked with day to day busy-ness. However, a successful owner invests time to prepare and review a budget, create and manage a business plan and regularly monitor their finances and performance.

We understand that your time and energy are at a premium, so folēo has built these critical business tasks into our service plans.  Our team of financial gurus will make light work of the heavy numbers that get in the way of your day to day tasks. With a plan for growth, you will have the focus required, and an opportunity to stand back to review your performance and the factors that influence your success.

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Budget-wise business

At folēo, the dreaded B word is embraced! A Budget is more than a collection of numbers. It’s an expression of our values and aspirations. How are you expressing yourself? We’ll help you keep your business, and your finances on track by learning to hug your budget.

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A focus on strategy and growth

What separates a jelly roll from a Dacquoise? A talented chef with a recipe. Every great business has a strategic plan that provides a clear path to accomplishing goals. Our business strategy heroes will inspire you with next level thinking.

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Small Business boot camp

Get the kick-start and inspiration you need for a successful business launch or upgrade. Join like-minded professionals and budding entrepreneurs for a series of informative and engaging workshops designed by our business strategy heroes.

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A space to call your own

If your desk is a corner of the breakfast bar or you catch yourself talking to your keyboard, it may be time to rethink your environment. foleo invites you to share our space. For a reasonable rate, you can work in a collaborative space with fellow bookkeepers.

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