Sure you can do it, but should you?

Many small business owners find themselves wearing many hats, but there are some hats that simply don’t fit! In an effort to try and save every dollar, your energy is spent on bookkeeping tasks that take you away from the skills that made you an entrepreneur in the first place. Focus your effort on your core strengths and dollar producing activities, to grow your business for the long term. For the price of a mochafrappachappachino a day, we’ve got your back!

A Bookkeeping plan that’s just right

folēo has designed a bookkeeping package for every kind of business. A la carte items enable you to add just the features you need. And if you are a square peg, we will find you a square hole solution.

Bookkeepers, CPAs and financial gurus

A whole lot of brains and sharpened pencils make up your team of dedicated number crunching heroes. Trained, licensed and professional, they are an impressive addition to your business.

Convenient records pick up or drop off

Coffee will be at the ready if you want to drop off your records to us. For those with a traffic phobia, we will send our own orange-shirted courier hero to the rescue.

Online or desktop technology options

Your records will be confidential, secure and immediately accessible (to you…that’s the secure part) via QuickBooks online and QuickBooks Desktop.

Our folēo clients enjoy an array of services and specialties.
Where will your plan take you?






Auditable – quality
Records Binder




Records Pick up
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Set up




Annual T4 &
T4 Summary


Financial Statements


Exceptional Client

Let’s Get Acquainted

Within 24 hours, one of our talented bookkeepers (aka number crunching heroes) will be in touch to learn about you and your business. They will review the system you currently have (or don’t have) in place to manage your finances. We are not afraid of shoe boxes! Together we will determine the most suitable folēo package for you based on your needs, budget, and plans for future growth.

When you are ready to get started we will walk you through the folēo process. We have streamlined every step to ensure the most efficient, secure and manageable system.

While your bookkeeping is in our capable hands, rest assured you will have access to your information 24/7. As a ProAdvisor, folēo uses the most comprehensive software with Quickbooks online and Quickbooks desktop version. Your financial information will be at your fingertips when you need it. And when you don’t, we free you up to do what YOU do so well.

folēo advantages

  • We’re not just bookkeepers; we’re a team of entrepreneurs offering business support to growth-oriented small business and micro entrepreneurs. We’re like-minded in that we have our vision and mission, as do you.
  • We give you back your most valuable and elusive asset – time, so you can refocus on your core offering and competencies.
  • We work with QuickBooks, Canada’s #1 small business accounting software, offering financial results intelligence so that you can understand your business better.
  • We provide flat fee pricing so that the risk of time management is borne by folēo. Budgetable and predictable pricing – that’s one more thing you DON’T have to manage.
  • We ensure you receive timely financial information about your business so that you, in turn, can make timely strategic business decisions.
  • We provide business management expertise that sets us apart from the traditional bookkeeper.
  • We deliver tools and expertise for business planning to encourage and support your growth.
  • We offer services providing information and a direction for you to plan for the future success of your business.
  • We are readily available for ad hoc and periodic consultations within the context of your business growth. We are not just about crunching numbers; we are here to help you interpret the results.
  • We provide an ongoing check that your financial results are consistent with your business mission and vision.
  • We implement strategic thinking in everything that we do for you, the entrepreneur. We succeed when you do. It’s that simple.